Artist Statement

My practice expands how aesthetics of an object can be used to allude to the presence of action and a premise for performance.

Functionality and Agency are contexts, which I employ to transcend an object’s still state. Adopting motifs such as handles, hooks, hinges, nets, harnesses and hoops, I dip into our preexisting relationships with objects and actions. Using Function as a guide for how the body enters the work. ‘Where the handle meets the hand to produce the thing’.

Interaction is my crux, the genesis. I am fascinated by the anticipation and desire for engagement with sculpture. Changing and twisting the nature of the body and the object, into a moment caught in time. I make works, which in every sense give instructions and demand usage but are so still. Wrapped up in potentiality. Stalling the moment of activity, producing an object that screams its performative past and future out.

Recently working with visual suggestion, I have begun to use photographs of past performances. Distorting them with pattern and abstraction. Absorbing images directly onto materials. Re-digesting the echoes of action, presenting a twisted instruction.

Through self-referencing, function and performance my work has become anthropomorphic. The sculptures embody their own Agency through visual clues.

They play out their own situations and actions extending beyond the tools, objects and apparatus they resemble. I move from the realms of interaction, into works that represent a single moment;






2012                                            Eleven trees, Swinley Forest, Bracknell

2012                                            Faill, Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea, London

2013                                             Fresh Air Show, Quenington, Gloucestershire

2014                                             Headington Artist in Residence Show, Oxford

2014                                             TOI, Headington, Oxford

2014                                             Points Of Contact, Mori + Stein, Camberwell, London

2015                                             FROM, Hotel Elephant, Elephant and Castel, London

2015                                             Little Mountains, Embassy Tea Gallery, Southwark London

2016                                            Performances, Cody Dock, London

2017                                            SET, Crisp Street, London

2017                                            Progress/ Regress, The Crypt Gallery, London

2017                                            Slade MA/MFA Interim Show

2018                                            Platform 1, Bloomsbury Theatre, London

2018                                            First Blast, SET, London



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