Artist Statement

 I am drawn to a history of the function and treatment of objects, in particular my own values and associations that they hold. These links simultaneously inform physical interaction and hold a deep emotional capacity.

Raising these crossovers and points of experiential blurring between history and present touch, I make Sculpture that holds a premise for performance rooted in functionality and expression.

Exploring directly how and where the body enters an object, through interaction and physical experimentation, I capture moments that redefine and reframe the function of the human body. Making objects to inform my live performances and ultimately photographing the amalgamation produced; I revaluate how my body is perceived through the lens of the object.

‘Where the handle meets the hand to produce the thing’.

There is a constant re-digestion of my work and one line of enquiry may have many lives, from sculpture, to live experiences to photographic images.


Alicia Fidler (born 1990) originally from Bracknell, Berkshire, is a performance and sculpture artist based in London. After graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 2012 she was awarded the ‘This is This’ studio award culminating in a solo show in the Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground.

In 2018 she graduated from the MFA in sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art.

Since her masters she has participated in the San Mei Residency in Chengdu China and Neon Festival Dundee.

She is currently represented by  Kalinca Costa Soderlund / Arriere Garde Gallery in Brazil.

She lives and works in London


2009 – 2012   BA Hons Fine Art Degree, Chelsea College of Art and design

2016 – 2018   MFA Slade School of Fine Art


2016– 2018   Felix Slade Award, Full Studentship for MFA in Sculpture at Slade School of Fine Art


2012   This is This Award

Selected Past Exhibitions

2012   Eleven trees, Swinley Forest, Bracknell

2012   Faill, Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea, London

2013   Fresh Air Show, Quenington, Gloucestershire

2014   Headington Artist in Residence Show, Oxford

2014   TOI, Headington, Oxford

2014   Points Of Contact, Mori + Stein, Camberwell, London

2015   FROM, Hotel Elephant, Elephant and Castle, London

2015   Little Mountains, Embassy Tea Gallery, Southwark London

2016   Progress/ Regress, Crypt Gallery, London

2016   Art Against The Arms Fair, SET, London

2017   Bloomsbury Studio performance, London

2018   The First Blast, SET, London

2018   Slade MA / MFA Degree Show, London

2018   Criss Cross, Blue Roof Gallery, Chengdu, China

2018   Flesh and Finitude, Generator Projects, Neon Festival, Dundee, Scotland

Artist in Residence

2013   Fresh Air, Gloucestershire

2013 -2014   Headington School, Oxford

2016   Cody Dock Art School, London

2018   San Mei Gallery Residency, Chengdu, China


2018   Neon Festival, Dundee, Scotland

Workshop 53

2014 – 2018   Curator and Co Founder of Workshop 53. A non-profit community gallery and artist workshop space.

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